Have I ever mentioned I hate hills?

I don’t think I have, but yes, I hate hills. However, I’m going to have to learn to tolerate them, at least for a couple of months anyways. Let me explain.

One of the rides I’m planning on doing, the Tour de Shore, starts out in relatively flat Chicago, and even a ways into Indiana the course is pretty flat. However, once it get to the Indiana Dunes area, the terrain begins to get a little hilly. Not massive hills like you see in some professional races, but hilly nonetheless. That’s a problem for me since I don’t like hills of ANY kind. I have mentioned that I hate hills, haven’t I? LOL.

Well anyway, today, before the rain moved in, I put the bike carrier on my car, strapped my bike to it, and headed over to Beverly Shores, a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan just east of the Dunes. As I rode along Lake Front Drive, it was a pleasant ride…because it’s a flat road. However, my intent was really to see how I could fare on some hilly roads. A test in other words. Well, I have to admit that I failed the test. Oh, it started out okay. The first couple of hills went okay. At one point, I even startled a deer that was “grazing” along the side of the road. I’d say that things went well for the first four hills, then it was all downhill from there, no pun intended. Really struggled getting over the next three and on the last one I has to dismount and walk over it. Talk about a blow to one’s ego, that was it. After resting for about 15 minutes, I was able to slowly ride back to my car. Did a total of just a hair over 9 miles.

However, if there was one good thing that came out of this ride, it was the realization of what I need to focus on during the 7 1/2 weeks leading up to the TdS. I think as long as I continue to ride regularly, being able to handle the distance will take care of itself. To get better on hills, I will have to seek them out, to tolerate them, as it were.

Well, that’s it for today. I’ll wrap it up by saying thanks for taking a few moments to read today’s entry, to share a few pics of the deer (sorry for the lousy quality, I didn’t have a high resolution setting on my action cam) and to say take care and God Bless!!







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