All Systems Are Go…and other musings.

Well, tomorrow is the first of (now) four scheduled rides. Tomorrow I’ll be “Riding The Rock,” the Lower Rock Run bike path / trail in Joliet, Illinois. It’s a 16.5 mile “family fun” ride put on by the Will County Forest Preserve District. It’s one of the rides I’m doing as a lead up to the 2 day, 100 mile Tour de Shore on June 13 and 14. I know, it seems like 16.5 miles is a drop in the bucket compared to 66 miles on day 1 and 34 on day 2, and in reality it probably is, but that’s cool. This ride has given me a training goal to shoot for, and I’m happy to say that I reached the goal, and surpassed it even. This past Wednesday (the 7th), I went out for an early morning ride, shooting for 16 miles just to prove I’d be able to do it on Saturday. Well, that 16 turned into 22 thanks to a happy accident. Since I don’t like staring at the mileage display on my Garmin 800 while riding, I have a different screen on, one that shows elevation and how many total feet I’ve ascended. Before I did the ride Wednesday, I “mapped out” my route, which was for the most part on a paved bike trail, so I would know when I had reached 8 miles out and to turn around and head for home. Well, despite the fact that I thought I had the turnaround point memorized, it turns out I didn’t. When I finally did check the mileage, I had gone a little over 10 miles. Went a tad further, then did my turnaround and headed for home. Went back on the trail part of the ways and on side streets part of the ways. By the time I go home, I had gone 22.03 miles. Yeah, my legs were shot and I was exhausted but I was happy as hell. Proved to myself I could do 16 miles, and then some. The 22 miles is also a good sign for the next two rides I’m doing, both of which are 30 mile rides. If I can do 30 miles (hopefully) pretty easily by May 25th and/or June 8th, with a little bit of extra effort, and the motivation of a few hundred other cyclists, I hoping 66 miles won’t be out of the realm of possibility. I’m just going to keep on training and do the best I can on each ride. (Link to ride ——> )

In news on the weight loss front, I’m happy to report that I have dropped some weight. Not a lot, but some. Back on April 8th in my entry, I mentioned weighing in at 243 pounds. Weighed myself Wednesday morning before my ride and I was at 237.8 pounds. I was kind of hoping for 8 pounds, but I will certainly take 5.2 pounds. It’s progress, and the battle of the bulge is all about progress.

I have a question. Why do energy bars taste like a mixture of chalk, mud and wet cement? When I bought my Fuji about a month ago, the salesman tossed in a couple of chocolate/peanut butter CLIF energy bars free of charge. Decided to take one along on my Wednesday morning ride. When I stopped for a rest around the 15 mark, since I was beginning to feel a little hungry, I opened up the energy bar and took a bike. Not the best tasting thing I’ve ever tried, that’s for sure. Took a second bike, and after a couple of “chews,” I had to spit it out. By that time, it had turned into the nastiest thing I’d ever eaten. Okay. maybe not quite that bad, but bad enough. Good thing there was a trash can nearby so I didn’t have to put it back in my saddle bag LOL.

Well, that’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by. Take care and have a blessed day!! :~)


One thought on “All Systems Are Go…and other musings.

  1. saltyvelo says:

    Nice work on the weight loss. You’re only like 10 lbs heavier than me, and I started the year at the same weight you are.

    You are most likely capable of doing a lot more than 16 miles (well, you just did 22 miles). I think you may be psyching yourself out a bit. Good luck any how! I’ve got 190 miler tomorrow. I’ll finish, the question is just how long it will take me.

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